DiClad Series Laminates

DiClad Series laminates are fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as printed circuit board substrates in high frequency applications. The controlled fiberglass and PTFE content ratio enable DiClad laminates to offer a range of low dielectric constant (Dk) values. Higher PTFE content provides a lower Dk and loss tangent, while higher fiberglass content provides better dimensional stability and registration. Unlike the CuClad laminate series, the DiClad laminates do not have cross plied constructions.

CuClad® Series Laminates


*Stable Dk over frequency
*Suitable for wide-band frequency applications
*Higher gain in amplifier and antenna designs
*Negligible performance drift caused by high moisture environments
*First article success leads to faster time to market

Dk range of 2.40 to 2.65
Dissipation factor of .0018 at 10GHz

Dk of 2.33 for DiClad 870 Laminates
Dissipation factor of .0013 at 10GHz for DiClad 870 Laminates
Dk of 2.17 or 2.20 for DiClad 880 Laminates
Dissipation factor of .0009 at 10GHz for DiClad 880 Laminates


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